Volunteer Appreciation

JRF Volunteer of the Year

The Jeannette Rankin Foundation extends our utmost appreciation to all of our volunteers who make the work we do possible. We extend special gratitude to these individuals who have gone above and beyond in service to our mission.

Valerie Bell

Valerie Bell has been a member of the Jeannette Rankin Board of Directors since 2017. She is the Executive Director of Athens – Clarke County Library, a position she has held since 2015. Valerie’s inspired leadership was instrumental in the Athens Clarke County Library being named Georgia Library of the Year in 2018.

Valerie has been a volunteer on the JRF planning committee for It’s Time to Talk: Forums on Race since the program originated in 2017. She has leveraged her leadership as the Co-Chair for four of those years. Valerie has stepped up as a partner in the racial justice work by providing funds from grants to support It’s Time to Talk. She has partnered with us providing in-kind support for the Jeannette Rankin Foundation Volunteer of the Year program via library space for training the Volunteer Racial Justice Facilitators (two years) as well as offering the first Beloved Community Dialogue (two years.).

In 2018, Valerie met Anna Scheytt, then the Dean of the UGA School of Social Work at It’s Time to Talk. Six months later, there was a $150,000 grant to provide trauma-informed care at the library by UGA Social Work students. At It’s Time to Talk this year, her team met team members from the Northeast Georgia Food Bank, and together they are working on a project called Food 2 Kids 360.

Her work in originating One Book Athens, and finding the financial support for the program is to be applauded. Rather than going it alone, Valerie engaged multiple Athens community stakeholders from faith organizations, community organizations, individuals, media, and UGA. It often was an exercise in “herding cats” but Valerie was dedicated to providing a collaborative community project that ended up serving hundreds of people. Val’s leadership brought forth an important community conversation about racism and its effects on individuals and communities. Jeannette Rankin Foundation is grateful for Val’s leadership and support. Athens is truly blessed to have a leader of the caliber of Valerie Bell. Athens is a better place for SO many people because of Valerie Bell’s leadership

Thank you to our volunteers!


Volunteer Application Readers

Amy Draugelis
Angela Dyb
Anita Burwell
Anita Clinton
Betsy Bach
Breezy Barcelo
Bridget Saffold
Carla Buss
Carney Funnah
Charmaine Wilson
Cheryl Mumma
Cheryl Coleman
Christi Bell
Cindy Blair
Danielle Meinert
Darlene Abney
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Donna Brumby
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Dr. and Mrs. Ardoin Ardoin
Elizabeth Aley
Ellen Bushway
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Giovanna Urist
Gloria Garcia
Gregory Gullette
Haydee Kukowski
Heather Martin
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Hilary Blitzen
Holly VanHouten
Jalpa patel
Jamie Woodruff Leary
Jamie Murphy
Jamilla Perez-Robinson
Jan Edler
Jane Nute
Janet Johnstone
Jen Welborn
Jenna Andrews-Swann

Jennifer Jackson
Jessie Kasynski
Jim Schuster
Jocelyn Watson
Karen Stark
Karen Njenga
Karen Picciolo
Katherine Kennon
Kathryn Hall
Katrina White
Kaye Allen
Kevin Esch
Kierstan Dufour
Kim Keegan
Laura Tuccillo
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Libby Pollock
Linda Keller
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Lori Tingley
Lorraine Hart
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Marian Berger
Marjanne Gooze
Mary Wolf
Melissa Jones
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Mimi Ginggold
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Miranda Lawson
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Monica Bomani
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Myrna Adams and Herb West
Neelam Kane
Nichelle Evans

Pam Jones
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Susan Glatt Greenberg
Susan Barger
Suzanne Taipala
Terrance Hollingsworth
Tiffani Andrews
Tracy Cosgrove
Tracy White
Tracy Vaden
Trisha Sheahan
Vicki Connell
Vickie Rickards
Wanda Negron
Wendy Miller
Yadira Rivera-Cintron
Yolonda Patterson

Board of Directors

Ana Rosado Reyes
Betsy Bach
Catherine Hollingsworth
Charmaine E Wilson
Dimples Williamson
Genie Snyder
J. Maria Waters
Jacqueline Smalley
Jane Hale Hopkins
Kevin Esch
Kimberly Reeve
LaToro Yates
Libby Pollock – Board Chair
Lorraine Hart
Peg Olson
Rozy Park
Stacy Sollenberger
Tracy Cosgrove
Valerie Bell
Vashti Canty
Wendy Miller

Leadership Volunteers

Ana Rosado Reyes
Bertis Downs
Betsy Bach
Chris Warden
Clif Pannell
Dorothy Newland
Elissa Perry
J. Maria Waters
James Newland
Jinx Patel
Karen Holbrook
Kathy Purcell
Kevin Esch
Kimberly Reeve
Kunal Verma
Laura Bierema
Letty Ashworth
Libby Pollock
Lori Warden
Margaret Holt
Mark H Ebell
Michael W. Purser
Michelle Garfield Cook
Monica Pearson
Nita Sardana
Robert M Larsen
Rozy Park
Ruth Bettendorf
Sue Lawrence
Suzi Wong
Sylvia Hillyard Pannell
Tim Gordon
Tracy Cosgrove
Vashti E Canty

It’s Time to Talk: Forums on Race Steering Committee

Bertis Downs
Julie Denton
Raye Rawls
Valerie Bell

Volunteer Racial Justice Facilitators

Charmaine Wilson
Dawn Meyer
Deborah Gonzales
Julie Denton
Kathryn Hall
Mamie Fike
Marla Rawls Hill
Micah Janus
Ruth Elizabeth Conine
Sue Lawrence
Val Bell

STAR Party

Alecia Bailey*
Amy Gaitan
Ana Rosado Reyes*
Angie Caudill Waller
Bethany Pruitt
Brittney Ormond
Brynelle Lockhart
Catherine Hollingsworth
Cheryl Spitalnick
Genie Snyder
Jacqueline Smalley
Janice Escribano – Ferrer
Janice Wickham
Kathy Bangle
Kimberly Boykin
Libby Pollock
Liz Pavey*
Michelle Thompson
Stacy Sollenberger
Sulean Carruthers
Tina Russo
Vashti Canty*

Planned Giving Advisory Board

Bree Hayes
Jinx Patel
Steve Hollis
Sue Lawrence
Suzi Wong
Tom Gould