Great Force Campaign

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A strip of many different photos of lives touched by the Jeannette Rankin Foundation

Growing the Legacy

The Jeannette Rankin Foundation is Jeannette Rankin’s living legacy. As we embark on a new chapter, we are fueled by Jeannette’s passion and inspired by the women whose lives we have touched throughout our 47-year history.

Together, we can transform the futures of thousands more!

The Great Force

Honoring Jeannette Rankin,
the first U.S. Congresswoman

We are inspired every day by our namesake to empower women to build better futures of their own making. Jeannette Rankin lived a bold life. She recognized the inequities in American society throughout her lifetime, put on her hat and got to work to create meaningful change. As the first woman elected to U.S. Congress and a lifelong advocate for women’s rights, her fortitude changed our country forever.

Our Goal

Maximizing our impact as a FORCE for good

Jeannette’s $16,000 bequest to help “mature, unemployed women workers” inspired our founding mothers to be a force for good. Today, we have awarded more than 1,700 Scholar Grants to women around the country. Yet the unmet need is significant.

Every year we award grants to just 25% of our pool of student applicants. These are women of grit and substance who are striving to lift themselves out of poverty and change the trajectory of their lives. By seeking their first associate’s or bachelor’s degree at the age of 35 or older,* they are doing everything they can to realize a better future for themselves, their families and their communities.

The Great Force Campaign will triple our impact on women’s lives by expanding our endowment and operational strength.




Left to raise: $6 million

GOAL: $13 million

allowing us to award MORE Scholar Grants and support MORE women along their educational journey!

*The Jeannette Rankin Foundation awards post-secondary Scholar Grants to students who identify as women or nonbinary, are 35 and older (25 and older in Georgia and Montana) and demonstrate financial need — from all states and backgrounds.

endowment growth = more investment in Scholars =

For each dollar invested in a Rankin Foundation Scholar, you are

  • closing the gender and racial wage gap
  • reducing generational poverty
  • impacting communities where Scholars share their skills and leadership

The Impact

Lifting the trajectory of women’s lives

Students who apply for a Rankin Foundation Scholar Grant are already working hard to create a brighter future. Most support their families while going to school. But too often, the immediate day-to-day needs of the individual or family can delay completion or permanently waylay academic aspirations.

Unlike traditional scholarships, our unrestricted Scholar Grants are awarded directly to students. Our Scholars feel trusted and empowered to use the funds in whatever way they choose to reach graduation and ease college debt. Along the way, our case management, coaching and community of Scholars help make long-sought dreams achievable.

Rankin Foundation Scholars


are single mothers


are survivors of domestic violence


are the first in their family to go to college

Icon of the cap (graduation scholar)

And what they achieve is remarkable!


Graduate or Persist

in continuing their studies, compared to the demographic average of 8 – 31% identified by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research

Join Jeannette

Join Jeannette’s Great Force Campaign TODAY

Together, we can lift women’s lives, boost individuals and families out of poverty, and transform futures through education!

Legacy gifts and naming opportunities

Endow a Scholar Grant in your name or honor someone who has impacted you.

Contact Karen Sterk, CEO, to discuss options.    706-540-9154

“Might it not be that a GREAT FORCE that has always been thinking in terms of human needs, and that always will think in terms of human needs, has not been mobilized? Is it not possible that the WOMEN of the country have something of value to give the nation at this time?”

Jeannette Rankin (1880-1973), speaking to her male colleagues in the U.S. House of Representatives on January 10, 1918, as they debated the resolution for the 19th Amendment. In 1919 serving as the sole woman in Congress, Jeannette was the only woman to vote on the passage of the 19th Amendment. When ratified in 1920, women across the country were finally granted the right to vote.

Jeannette Rankin

Thank You!

Great Force Campaign Steering Committee

Honorary Chairs:
Dorothy Sams Newland
Jim Newland
Karen Holbrook
Monica Pearson
Nita Sardana

Jinx Patel, Co-Chair
Rozy Park, Co-Chair
Betsy Bach
Dot Christenson
Elissa Perry
LaToro Yates

Lori Warden
Michael W. Purser
Sue Lawrence
Suzi Wong
Sylvia Hillyard Pannell
Tracy Cosgrove
Vashti E. Canty

We thank the supporters who have joined the Great Force Campaign. Thank you for being a force for good!

Abigail Pierce
Adam Ogilvie
Adora Drye
Alan & Julie Stokol
Albert Ike
Alecia Bailey
Alice & Charles Schneider
Alice Mohor
Alice Pavey
Alicia Davis
Alisa Stacy
Allen Mattison
Alva Jones
Alyssa Lew
Amanda Bennett
Amanda Knollman
Amanda Viviano
Amazon Smile
Amber Musee
American CyberSystems Inc.
Amgen Inc.
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Amy Gaitan
Amy Hilton
Amy Karon
Amy Luebke
Amy Urowsky
Amy Van Hoveln
Ana Rosado Reyes
Andre Kennebrew
Andrea Barrett
Andrea Parris
Andrew Bird
Andy Nish
Angel Canty
Angela Bell
Angela Birkes
Angela Clifton
Angela DeQuesada
Angela Garcia
Angela Meltzer
Angela Thomas
Angie Waller
Anjali Sachdev
Ann & Joseph Grill
Ann Fleischer
Ann Kimbrough
Ann McDonald
Anna Ike
Annalee Luhman
Anne Lockner Bernat
Anne Morrison
Anne Murphy
Anne Olcott
Anne Reich
Anne Richardson
Anne Winn
Annette Hodgson
Anthony Davis
Anya Kearns
April Hartness
April Maxwell-Henley
Archaeus Entertainment Inc
Arielle Perry
Armanda Donahoo
Arshima Rieara
Arthur Gnibus
Arthur Horne
Arthur M. Horne
Arun Verma
Ashish Patel
Ashley Garrett
Asriel Medina
Assurant Foundation
Athens-Clarke County Unified Government
Avary & Gerry Doubleday
Avion & Acella Pharmaceuticals
Barbara Crawley
Barbara Epting
Barbara F. Epting
Barbara Gorsh
Barbara Laughlin
Barbara Pollock
Barbara Tyler
Barbara Wheeler
Barry Carlaw
Beau Kaye & Associates, LLC
Becky & Jeff Engel
Ben Carter
Benevity Community Impact Fund
Benjamin Cuba
Benji Kurtz
Benna Lehrer
Berris Walters
Bertis Downs
Beth Brennan
Beth Kurlander
Beth Wilson
Betsy Bach
Betty Green
Betty Jean Craige
Beverly Phares
Blaze Woodlief
Bob & Barbara Tucker
Bob Toborg
Bonnie Walker
Bree Hayes
Brenda Mitchell-Powell
Brenda Tuckson
Brendan Kelly
Brian & Kristen Hazen
Brian Hazen
Brian Skinner
Brianna Jones
Bright Funds Foundation
Britt Raybould
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Caitlin Wylie
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Capital Group
Cara & Allen Mattison
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Carla Williams
Carmilla Strong
Carol & Paul Kurtz
Carol & Robert Winthrop
Carol Hill
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Carolyn & Henry Garrard
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CCI Sisterhood
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Charmaine Wilson
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Cherlyn Granrose
Cheryl Ifill
Cheryl McQueen
Cheryl Spitalnick
Chestnut Grove Baptist Church
Chris & Mary Jones
Chris Hodges
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Christine Dunbar
Christopher Brown
Christopher Canarie
Christopher Evans
Christy Corbin
Christy Sheahan
Cindi Fetch & T. Preston Snyder
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Cindy Fetch & Preston Snyder
Clarence Jackson
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Claudia Von Grunebaum
Coach Bacon
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Collette Macon
Connie Mixon
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Cotten Alston
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Cresset Capital
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Donna Phillips
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Doris Buffett Reminder Trust
Doris Moody
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