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Tips and information for exploring your future

Making the choice to return to school or start a college degree or certificate program is the first of many decisions you may face as you plan your academic future. The Jeannette Rankin Foundation is committed to supporting students as they explore which major or program to pursue, which school to attend and how to pay for tuition.

Rankin Foundation Webinars

Our webinar archives include a wealth of information from higher education enrollment specialists and Rankin Foundation team members to help future and current students navigate college life successfully.

  • College 101
  • How to Pick a College
  • Time Management
  • How to Pay for College

Additional resources

The following list of articles and resources, many from organizations with whom we are not affiliated, may help prospective and current students navigate possibilities for a future in the classroom and beyond.

The links provided are used at readers’ sole discretion and do not guarantee selection of Jeannette Rankin Foundation Scholar Grants or other funding opportunities found below.