Vera & Anne Purser

Vera & Anne Purser Scholar Grant Award

Given by Michael Purser

Vera and Anne were mother and daughter that shared a special bond.  Anne was the only girl and youngest sibling to her three brothers, Howard David, and Michael. Vera and Anne both had the drive to complete school, and both did so. Vera returned to school and received her Nursing Certification while in her forties, and Anne received her Master’s degree while in her forties, following in her mother Vera’s footsteps.

When her mothering days were over, Vera dove into Nursing to save lives. Anne entered the world of education and guided young minds to grow and learn in Pre-K. It was education that drove their passion. Vera helped the sick regain their health, and Anne helped establish direction and meaning. 
Vera & Anne’s lives were taken unexpectedly while on their way to aid a sick relative. However, Michael (Vera’s son) and Caleb Hannan (Anne’s son) wanted their memory to live on by turning tragedy into triumph for others. Today, the Vera & Anne Purser Award is established to honor Michael’s mother, Vera, and sister Anne through the dreams of others; Preserving the legacy my mother and sister created allows other women with drive and a vision the opportunity to live the lives they want and deserve.- Michael Purser