Meet Tiffany


Tiffany is a renewal Rankin Foundation Scholar enrolled at Kennesaw State University pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. After graduation, her goal is to return to teaching pre-Kindergarten, which is where she initially discovered her passion for teaching and education. Tiffany shares how she would love to take all the knowledge and skills she will accumulate throughout her time in college and apply it to her teaching in the future. She also plans to further her education by earning her Master’s degree in Elementary Education. Growing up, she experienced an extremely difficult childhood that involved suffering from neglect, hunger, homelessness and sexual abuse. Despite all the battles and challenges she has faced, Tiffany has persevered and decided to take control of her life by returning to school and fulfilling her personal goal she established for herself many years ago.

“The Jeanette Rankin Scholar Grant has helped me both pay for my education, as well as provide necessities for myself and my children. It has been a blessing in allowing me to purchase clothing for myself and my children, as well as pay for maintenance issues with my car. Rankin Foundation has also helped me in feeling more inspired about accomplishing my educational goals. After attending the STAR Party and hearing the stories of several awesome women, I now feel more eager to accomplish my goals and more motivated to inspire other women to do the same. Thank you, Rankin Foundation!”