2019: Jinx Patel

Jinx Patel is a woman who welcomed me with open arms when I came to the Athens community. She went a step further. When I talked to her about doing a new program called It’s Time to Talk: Forums on Race, she not only stepped up to become our first year’s co-chair, she personally took me to meet Athens stakeholders and used her influence to engage them in the program. That is what I call leadership. She and her husband, Gordhan Patel, are and have been the sponsors of the Jeannette Rankin Legacy Lecture for four years.   Jinx joined our Planned Giving Committee in 2019  and has volunteered her time and energy to insure the long term future of the Jeannette Rankin Foundation. She currently serves as Co-Chair of the GREAT FORCE Steering Committee. She has given generously of her time, talent, influence, and treasure and we treasure her.