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Little did Jeannette Rankin know that her bequest would be leveraged and grow to more than $2.75 million to help women and their families rise out of poverty. Forty years of my life have been focused on JRF. I want the good work of JRF to continue long after I am gone, which is why I have a Planned Gift for JRF in my will.

- Heather Kleiner, JRF Founder

Leave A Legacy

Alexandra Dale Munro Kilpatrick's Gift

Honoring the Legacy of a Life Well Lived

Alexandra Dale Munro Kilpatrick, better known as Alix, was an exceptionally intelligent woman whose life path drew her away from traditional educational opportunities. As the prospect of her life ending drew near, she contacted her cousin and childhood best friend, Donna Zenor, and asked her to research organizations that “enhance the lives of women through education.” She was interested in leaving a substantial portion of her estate to such an organization. Donna identified the Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund. Unfortunately, Alix died suddenly and was unable to leave the funds directly to JRF. Donna initially contacted JRF’s Executive Director, Sue Lawrence on October 17, 2013. From there it was a long and winding road that Donna pursued with persistence and dedication in order to honor the dying wishes of her dear cousin and friend Alix.

Alix lived a non-traditional life. A single child whose mother was the youngest of nine children of immigrant Norwegian parents, Alix was born in Phoenix, Arizona. However, she lived life on the world stage. She worked in a theater in Paris, France, and for a number of years she flew for American Airlines. She later settled in rural New Hampshire with her husband, Bob Kilpatrick. Alix became a master at various yoga disciplines, eventually opening a school after moving to New Zealand in her mid-fifties.

In the words of Donna; Alix was one of the most generous spirits to have ever inhabited this earth and the scholarship fund which the donor is establishing upon her death should be counted as one of the many gifts which are her legacy.

We received this transformative gift this year. We are grateful that Alix cared so deeply about the women we serve. We are grateful that Donna found us. And, we are grateful that Donna persisted through navigating the challenges of getting the funding to JRF.

This gift will transform the lives of JRF Scholars and their families for years and years to come.

Thank you Alix and Donna


The mission of the Jeannette Rankin Women's Scholarship Fund is to provide scholarships and support for low income women 35 and older across the U.S. to build better lives through college completion.


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Gifts Now

  • Appreciated Securities: These are most often in the forms of stocks or mutual funds. They are a valuable benefit to JFR, and you receive tax benefits. Use this information to make a gift of stock: Merrill Lynch  DTC 5198Jeannette Rankin Foundation Account #29S-02721
  • CDs or Other Banking Accounts: Make JRF the beneficiary of a certificate of deposit, or any bank or brokerage account. your financial institution or adviser can assist you with this easy process.
  • Real Estate or Tangible Personal Property: Real estate may be deeded to JRF or left by a bequest. Due to complexities, JRF advisers review and approve real estate and gifts of personal property to ensure the gift is suitable to both you and JRF.

Future Gifts

  • Bequests: One of the simplest ways to give to JRF is to include a bequest in your will.  A bequest is a gift thought your will or revocable trust that enables you to retain the asset during your life and provide significant support to JRF when you no longer need the asset. You may choose a specific item, a percentage, or residual bequest. Making a bequest may also decrease any estate taxes that would be due.
  • Beneficiary Designations: Naming JRF as a beneficiary under a retirement fund, life insurance policy, donor advised fund, or commercial annuity can help avid heavy estate taxes, enabling the asset to pass tax free to JRF. You may also name JRF a percentage beneficiary or a contingent beneficiary of a retirement plan.To leave a sum of money to JRF, include the following language:
    “I give to Jeannette Rankin Foundation, a nonprofit corporation created under the laws of the State of Georgia, located in Athens, Georgia, the sum of $__________.”To leave a certain percentage of your estate to JRF, include the following language:
    “I give to Jeannette Rankin Foundation, a nonprofit corporation created under the laws of the State of Georgia, located in Athens, Georgia, ___________% of my estate.”
  • To leave your remaining assets to JRF (after other gifts have been granted), include the following language: “All the remainder of my estate, including real and personal property, I give to Jeannette Rankin Foundation, a nonprofit corporation created under the laws of the State of Georgia, located in Athens, Georgia.”

Gifts that Pay Income

  • Charitable Remainder Trust: This is an irrevocable gift of assets into a charitable trust that provides you with a fixed or variable income for a set term or for life. At the trust's termination, the assets become a generous gift to JRF. There may also be potential tax benefits for you.
  • Charitable Lead Trust: The lead trust's income payments are distributed to JRF for a set period of years and then transferred back to the grantor or the beneficiary. It provides generous, annual support for JRF.Charitable trusts provide very flexible and powerful tools that can allow you to reduce your tax burden, increase your current and/or future income, and provide vital support to help women conquer poverty. Charitable trusts are complex, so please consult your financial planner or CPA for current information on charitable remainder trusts, annuity trusts and lead trusts.


For millions of women, education is the only resource against poverty. This especially true for those who haven't had the financial capability to pursue a college education, or the encouragement to take a new direction on the road that leads to financial self-sufficiency.

We are indebted to Jeannette Rankin who bequeathed part of her estate to provide the seed money to create the nonprofit scholarship program that now honors her memory. Our Endowment Fund was created to ensure that her legacy lives on, and the financial resources for college scholarships continue to be available for mature women in need - not only for today, but in the decades to come.

Thank you for your loyal support and for considering a Planned Gift to the Jeannette Rankin Women's Scholarship Endowment. Your Planned Gift today will provide the scholarships of the future and carry your own lasting legacy forward. We encourage you to consult with your professional advisers on how this gift will fit into your overall financial plans.

It’s easy to follow Rankin’s example and make a difference for women across the country with a legacy gift. Read more about different types of gifts below and call Karen Sterk at 706-540-9154 for more information.


To ensure your bequest or other planned gift reaches us, please use the following language and legal designation: "I hereby give (percentage, residuary, share or specific amount of asset to the Jeannette Rankin Women's Scholarship Fund, 1 Huntington Road, Suite 701, Athens, Georgia 30606 - Tax ID: 58-1273122