Welcome, LaTrena!

Dear Family,

It is with an overwhelming joy that I now join the staff of Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund. I couldn’t imagine being in any other career, working with individuals more dedicated than all who are involved with JRF.

Jeannette Rankin Fund was celebrating 35 years of changing women’s lives in 2011 when we were first introduced. I have been blessed to witness an increase in the number of women receiving the scholarship since I was a recipient. As the Fund approaches 40 years of helping women over 35 further their education, it just floods my soul with hope. Jeannette Rankin Fund’s quest to help women invokes an untapped potential while providing the privilege to others who witness Jeannette Rankin scholars conquer their dreams.

Supporters have helped to fuel the fire by providing more than 1,200 scholarships. I hope to see that number double as I am committed to working alongside the team to move the mission forward. The best is yet to come and I’m honored to be on the front lines working with an organization that is making a difference.


LaTrena Stokes