Ways to support

Make a one-time gift!

Post-secondary education could make the difference between making a living and making a life!

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Donors directly contribute to that difference for 135 women, families and communities this year. Your gift to JRF will impact generations to come, and it will make sure that women across the country can continue their educations and put food on the table today.

Every donation helps another woman achieve her dream of a better life for herself and her family.

Make a gift online through our donation portal by clicking here, or send a check or cash to the JRF Office: 1 Huntington Rd, Suite 701 Athens, GA 30606

Make a monthly gift!

JRF Scholars take classes all year round, and we get to support them through all seasons thanks to Jeannette Rankin Monthly Sustainers.


When you donate monthly, you provide more than financial aid for education. In addition to a $2000 scholarship, JRF Scholars receive support and encouragement all year, each woman has direct access to support provided by Scholarship Program Manager LaTrena Stokes. 

In addition we provide wraparound support services through our Scholar Resource Network. Monthly gifts make sure that it’s possible to support our Scholars every day.  Plus, monthly giving is convenient for you and your budget. Make a huge impact with monthly gifts that add up to help women conquer poverty.

Sign up to make a monthly gift online

Sponsor a Scholarship

You can ensure that a woman is fully funded for one academic year by making a $2,500 donation to JRF.


This $2,500 pays for her complete scholarship, her wraparound support services through her Student Resource Network, and other costs associated with administering her scholarships to make sure she is on track with her educational goals.

You can make a donation today that will fund a woman for a year- and impact her for the rest of her life!

Make the donation online here or call the JRF office to learn more!


Workplace Donations

Workplace giving allows you to pledge a portion of each paycheck to help Jeannette Rankin Fund. Not only is this an easy way for you to make donations, it provides much needed support throughout the year.

Federal employees: You can give through The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). Click here to see JRF’s campaign website and add us to your sample pledge card to make filling out your form simple.

State employees: We’re registered for state campaigns in Georgia, Florida and California. If you live in one of these states, talk to your HR office about donating to JRF through your state giving campaign.

Corporate employees: Your employer likely has a workplace giving program. Please talk to your HR office to make hassle-free donations directly from your paycheck.