“Vote for Jeannette” for the American Women Quarters Campaign 

The United States Mint is accepting recommendations from the public for 20 quarters featuring prominent women in American history. In celebration of Jeannette Rankin’s birthday on June 11, we encourage everyone to “Vote for Jeannette!” By submitting a nomination for our favorite suffragette and America’s first female Congresswoman, we may memorialize her legacy on the American quarter. 


Follow these two simple steps to nominate Jeannette Rankin for the American Women Quarter program:


1.) Prepare your responses. The U.S. Mint requires the public to include information about the nominee. For ease of filling out the nomination form, we’re happy to share our responses with you:


Questions from the nomination form:


Name of the woman you are recommending for consideration: 

Jeannette Rankin


The woman's year of birth:



The woman's year of death:



Please list the field(s) most commonly associated with the woman you are recommending (sports, science, politics, etc.): 

Politics, women’s rights, voting rights, peace, education, social work


Briefly state why the woman you're recommending should be considered for inclusion in this project.

Jeannette Rankin was the 1st woman elected to the U.S. Congress and served two terms in 1917 and 1941. A leader in the women’s suffrage movement, she’s known for her help winning the national right for women to vote in 1920, her votes against both world wars and her dedication to peace, labor reform, education and the well-being of women and children. Her legacy continues today through the Jeannette Rankin Foundation that funds post-secondary scholarships for women 35 and older across the U.S.


Optional: Please provide a link to any supporting material about the woman you are recommending (bio, news article, etc.). 


Learn more about Jeannette Rankin by checking out the below resources from the Jeannette Rankin Foundation, the History® Channel, U.S. House of Representatives: History, Art & Archives and more. Then pick your favorite link and share it in your nomination form.












2.) Submit your nomination! In partnership with the National Women's History Museum, the Smithsonian Institution American Women's History Initiative and the Bipartisan Women's Caucus, the U.S. Mint is gathering nominations via this online form