Meet Our Scholar: Vanessa

Vanessa, FL - Nursing

Vanessa is a renewal Scholar enrolled at West Coast University pursuing a Bachelors in Nursing. During her senior year of high school, Vanessa discovered that she was going to be a mother. This put her college plans on hold as she prioritized being a mother first. When she was ready to begin again her marriage began to suffer and she found herself in an abusive marriage. After divorcing her husband, Vanessa worked hard to provide for her daughter and to send her to private school. Now, with her daughter enrolled in college, she is ready to commit to her education too. Vanessa hopes to work in her local children's hospital and is greatly looking forward to working with and helping children.

“The Jeannette Rankin Scholarship has provided a worry-free state of mind, allowing me to focus on my daily tasks and studies. Being able to count on the financial support alleviates extra stress that come with paying bills. Working a part-time job and providing support for my daughter and myself is tough; therefore, you can only imagine when there is an enormous outstanding bill to pay with school and dodging to be placed on a financial hold and not continue taking classes. I am forever grateful for the help of this scholarship and hope to continue to be part of the Jeannette Rankin Scholarship family.”