Two New Nursing Students

The hard work of selecting scholars is over, and the exciting work of preparing to send out scholarship checks is beginning. Two applicants that rose to the top during selection happen to be enrolled at the same school in the same program!

Pamela and Sandroe are studying Nursing at Athens Technical College, and their perseverance and goal-oriented approach to school made them stand out. Athens Tech was excited about this news, as well, and published an article about the two students. Click here to read it in full.

A big thank you to the volunteers and donors who make these scholarships possible. There are 87 incredible women receiving help to go to school and conquer poverty in 2014.

Key excerpts:

“Women selected for Jeannette Rankin scholarships are hard-working individuals who are attending college, keeping up with jobs and volunteer work in their communities, and caring for their families,” said Sue Lawrence, Executive Director for Jeannette Rankin Fund. “Sandroe and Pamela are great examples of women who are juggling a lot of responsibility and succeeding. They are very determined and persistent.”

A single mother with five children, Sandroe spent the last eight years working as a waitress at a Waffle House restaurant. She enrolled at Athens Tech fall semester of 2011 to begin her quest for becoming a nurse.  This past March, she left the Waffle House and has devoted her time to her academics.

Sandroe said: “My ultimate goal is to one day be a nurse specializing in behavioral health, and of course, I would like to volunteer some of my free time at the Mercy Health Center that helps those who don’t have medical insurance with their healthcare needs. I feel extremely blessed to have been chosen to receive the Jeannette Rankin Scholarship.”

In 2010, an oven burner ignited Pamela’s husband’s clothing, and the resulting fire severely burned him. His treatment and recuperation through the burn clinic at Doctors Hospital in Augusta took nearly a year, and during that time, Jones got hands-on training from the nurses about how to treat her husband’s wounds and how to change his bandaging. The nurses were so impressed with Jones’ learning skills and abilities that they encouraged her to attend nursing school. She enrolled at Athens Technical College in 2012 to prepare for the Nursing program.