Meet Our Scholar: Tiphanie

Tiphanie, CA - Paralegal Studies

Tiphanie is enrolled at Coastline Community College. She is currently finishing up her Associate’s degree and plans on transferring to a 4-year university to pursue a Bachelor’s in Paralegal Studies. She is ultimately striving to go to law school to become an attorney. She has shown strong interest in her field by taking on a certificate program, alongside her Associate’s program, to give herself the credentials to work in the legal field during law school. Tiphanie has earned a remarkable 4.0 cumulative GPA while in college. With a son enrolled at Morehouse University and an elderly parent at home, Tiphanie has managed to maintain this outstanding GPA. She has gone through many financial hardships while in college. Her transportation to and from school has broken down on several occasions and her computer has also recently stopped working. However, Tiphanie states that by receiving her Jeannette Rankin Scholarship she has been able to secure reliable transportation and the technology necessary to complete her coursework.

"As an older adult returning to school, things have been challenging to say the least. I’ve been unemployed, due to the care I provide for an ill parent. School is expensive, and honestly without the financial support I’ve received from this fund, as well as other sources of financial aid, I would not be able to pursue my dreams of one day becoming a practicing attorney."