Laura D.

Laura D.

Without the help and support, I do not think I would not be able to pursue my education. Knowing that the funds can help with my everyday living expenses, such as lights, or car payment has been the most amazing thing. It has greatly impacted myself and my family.

Jeanette T.

I am so very grateful for the financial help that this organization is willing to provide as well as the fact that this foundation does not just give out financial support, but keeps in contact with the recipients. Making sure that we have the help we need, pointing us in directions that we might not know that exist, which in turn raise our chances for successes. I am truly grateful to be able to say that I am part of Jeannette Rankin Foundation sisterhood.

Kelly D.

The Jeannette Rankin Scholar Grant has been invaluable in providing the extra financial and emotional support I needed to successfully navigate the world of academia after many years away from higher education. The scholarship has allowed me to attend college on a full-time basis and greatly reduce the stress of monetary worries.