Laura D.

Laura D.

Without the help and support, I do not think I would not be able to pursue my education. Knowing that the funds can help with my everyday living expenses, such as lights, or car payment has been the most amazing thing. It has greatly impacted myself and my family.

Latonya Y.

I not only want to set the tone for my children but for the world. There have been a lot of people following my story, and I want to let them know it can be done and don’t give up.


Like Jeannette Rankin, I hope to be a force for social impact. The studies I am immersed in contain information that won’t just stay in books but will have an impact on people’s lives.

Ruth H. (KSM LX’SG̱A̱N)

We don’t have the generational and historical ties to higher education as Indigenous people. Connecting weekly with other Rankin Foundation Scholars kept me going during the times I didn’t think I could do it anymore.