Charmaine Wilson

Charmaine Wilson

Evidence of the organization’s potential to me is shown by the high percentage of Scholars who do complete their degrees. The numbers show that the financial help, coupled with all the other ways the Scholars are supported, truly makes a difference.

Margaret Holt

(Rankin Scholars) have an uncanny type of grit that drives them to accomplish their academic programs and plunge into careers with confidence and zest. Look at where they start. Look at where they end. Their journeys are thrilling. It’s beyond words, what such women will accomplish with just the smallest nudge and expressions of support and confidence.

La Toro Yates, PhD

Jeannette Rakin’s legacy inspires me because of who she was. She was a trailblazer, a fighter, charitable, and believed in people. Most importantly, she wanted to make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable people in our society.

Roxanne Thompson

When I was a single mom, with limited funds and raising teenage daughters, the challenge of obtaining a college degree seemed daunting. I received a Jeannette Rankin award. 25 years later, I am retiring from a successful business that I owned and grew into an important part of my local community.

Rhonda Suka

As a JRF alumn, I fully understand the importance of having financial support to pursue a college degree as an adult, especially with young children. What I never expected was the empowerment I felt receiving a JRF scholarship because I knew that someone believed in me.

Marguerite Mooers

As a retired teacher, I believe firmly that education is one of the few things in this world that can level the playing field for people of color and all those who are marginalized in our culture … Education can change lives.