Gail Dendy

Gail Dendy

“An endowed Rankin Scholar Grant is a perfect tribute to our friend and cofounder Reita Rivers. Her commitment to empowering women through education while promoting the ideals of Congresswoman Jeannette Rankin remains our inspiration.”

Heather Kleiner

“Little did Jeannette Rankin know that her bequest would be leveraged and grow to more than $4 million to help women and their families rise out of poverty. Forty years of my life have been focused on Rankin Foundation. I want the good work of Rankin Foundation to continue long after I am gone, which is why I have a Planned Gift for Rankin Foundation in my will.”

Michael Purser

“Now, into its fourth decade, the Jeannette Rankin Foundation has helped more than a thousand women with the same level of desire and determination displayed by its founders.”

Kate Blane

“It is very important for women to have a voice and bring different values to a world that is out of balance in so many ways. I want empowered lives for all women, and education is the one thing that really brings this about.”