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Meet Jennifer


Jennifer is a renewal Rankin Foundation Scholar enrolled at Arkansas State University pursuing a Bachelors’s degree in Wildlife, Fisheries, and Conservation with an Emphasis on Wildlife. Coming out of high school, she was a typical A+ student until she was diagnosed with Lupus and Fibromyalgia. The onset of her symptoms was so severe Jennifer was unable to complete her degree. She worked for her parents for a while and became both a foster and adoptive parent. She met her husband and the two of them fostered 5 siblings. Now with her symptoms managed and her children steady, she has time to pursue her degree, so she can professionally work in the forests and better serve her community and humanity through her positive environmental efforts.

“Last semester was particularly difficult for me personally, as my son and I were both, at different times, hospitalized. I live an hour and 45 minutes from my university and 45 minutes from the nearest hospital. This grant helped me to be able to afford my commute and the materials that I needed to be able to finish my courses. It is difficult to pursue a degree and take care of your family at the same time. The Jeannette Rankin Scholar Grant has helped me to be successful in balancing both.”