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Meet Jana


Jana is a renewal Rankin Foundation Scholar enrolled at Walsh College of Accountancy and Business Administration pursuing a Bachelors in Cyber Security/Computer Science. Jana has been faced with incredible hardship throughout her adult life. Shortly after enrolling in college after graduating from high school, Jana’s mother took her own life. This traumatic time resulted in Jana dropping out of school, having children and entering the workforce without completing her education. She is a survivor of suicide and a survivor of domestic abuse. Jana truly has overcome the world to continue her education. She hopes to move up in her job at DTE Energy in the Engineering Department. Jana knows the value of her education and wants to continue on to get her Master’s in Computer Science once she has established her career.

“The Jeannette Rankin Scholar Grant has helped me immensely. I am, and will forever be grateful for being a recipient. The Scholar Grant has enabled me to continue in school due to lack of funds. Now that I am getting closer to graduating my kids see that a degree is possible. My daughter has finished her undergraduate degree in business and is now working on her Master’s degree. We are very proud of each other. I am reaching down in my soul and finding my inner strength for this degree.”