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Meet Amy


Amy is a renewal Rankin Foundation Scholar enrolled at Wilmington University pursuing her Bachelor’s in Game Design & Development and Web Design. Six years ago, Amy was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis causing her to lose her job. At this time her son was facing challenges with social and emotional disabilities and her daughter was struggling with anxiety and an eating disorder. She realized she needed to do something in order to continue to support her family. She decided on game development as she would be able to eventually work from home in order to best accommodate her MS. She believes games are an exceptional tool in education and hopes to publish an animal game that teaches responsibility and genetics.

“A Bachelor’s degree will enable me to find good employment again. Not only that, but as I build educational games I want to form my own company. I hope to be able to hire other disabled people and provide jobs for them. I have come to know firsthand the struggle someone with a chronic illness or physical disability can have finding employment. I want to change that, and hopefully, I will build a legacy in which I can involve my children and my community.”