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Dr. Judith Gil

Position: Deputy Director for Behavioral Health Children’s Aid/Adjunct Assistant Professor

Dr. Gil has dedicated her career in mental health and social work to improving the lives of individuals, particularly those that are marginalized, oppressed and underrepresented. Of specific interest has been the teenage and student parent population. Her doctoral research project explored the factors that contributed to academic success in the form of college degrees among Black and Latina teenage mothers. The findings of her research speak to the importance of providing opportunities for women who are looking to improve their lives and those of their children via a college education. The mission of the Jeanette Rankin Foundation is at the heart of Dr. Gil’s passion and purpose.  

Dr. Gil currently serves as Deputy Director of mental health services at the Children’s Aid in NYC. As part of her commitment to the field of social work, Dr. Gil also serves as adjunct assistant professor with Columbia University Graduate School of Social Work, Fordham University’s MSW program and York College (CUNY) BSW and MSW program.

Dr. Gil is a published author and expert guest speaker on the topic of trauma and the stigma of mental health within the Latinx community. She has hosted workshops on mental health related topics such as trauma, women’s resilience and the importance of raising awareness on mental health within the Latinx communities.She is passionate in her approach to the work and is committed to serving the community.

Dr. Gil earned her Doctorate in Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania, her Masters degree in Social Work from Fordham University and the Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in sociology from the City College of NY.