Meet Our Scholar: Rhonda

Rhonda, DC - Business

Rhonda is a renewal Scholar pursuing her Bachelor's in Business Administration with a concentration in Healthcare Administration at Strayer University. Rhonda once felt that her life was hopeless and an endless cycle of struggles. However, Rhonda renewed her sense of self-confidence through the inspiration of her son enrolling in college. Rhonda wishes to move up in her current company, but can only do so with a degree. Meanwhile, she is raising four boys as a single mother, which is no easy feat. Focusing on her education has been difficult, but Rhonda knows that she has the strength to continue through and finally meet the goals she put on hold almost thirty years ago.

“Talking with many of my peers and even younger adults, their motivation is very low. I understand that feeling because I have been there. My testimony of how I made it by going back to school, working and raising my family with the help of the Jeannette Rankin fund will also motivate others to take that challenge or leap into their future. Education is the key to opening doors you thought or imagined that were not there. I will mentor all those I can reach whether or not it's directly within my organization or indirectly, through my church members and friends.”