Remembering George Floyd

It’s Wednesday, so y’all know what that means – another installment of #WakeUpWednesday. We’d like to take today’s post to remember George Floyd, who was murdered one year ago yesterday and whose death sparked a national uprising and global reckoning. While Floyd was not the first and certainly not the last Black man to have died at the hands of a police officer, his murder sparked our society to reexamine its racist systems, institutions, and practices and hold ourselves accountable.

The article linked below takes a look into the lives of Jonathan Veal, Vaughn Dickerson, Jerald Moore and Herbert Mouton, close friends of Floyd, who started the 88 C.H.U.M.P. nonprofit organization after their friend’s death. This organization was launched “as a way to keep Floyd’s legacy alive and address some of the challenges that the community they grew up in, Houston’s Third Ward, has faced for decades. They’ve launched initiatives to tackle systemic inequities, police brutality and opportunities for the inner city youth, among other efforts.” Justice would look like Floyd being alive today. 88 C.H.U.M.P. is fighting for this type of justice by pressuring politicians to address the issue of racism and also working to provide more resources and opportunities to youth in the area.

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