Meet our Scholars: Regina

Regina, AR - Psychology and Sociology

Regina is a JRF Scholar in Arkansas. She first received the JRF Scholarship in 2017, and is working towards her Bachelor's degree in Psychology and her Bachelor's degree in Sociology. Her goal is to work in the Drug Court Program to help those struggling with addiction to get the support they need to get sober for life. She has seen the negative impacts of addiction in her own life and wants to be able to provide assistance to those struggling to make a change in their own lives.

Getting to this point was tough for Regina. She spent her childhood traveling the US with her parents and younger brother while her parents worked as migrant workers on farms. She and her brother spent time in and out of foster homes and did not have a stable education growing up. She did well in school when she was able to attend, but got pregnant in 11th grade and dropped out of high school. She got married and managed to finish her high school diploma before she had her first child. Her now ex-husband was in the Air Force, and Regina stayed home with her children. After five years of marriage, she and her husband separated, and she ended up alone with her children, and with no college degree.

Regina found jobs where she was able to give back to others, especially those in the court system who needed help learning how to be better parents and overall citizens. Regina found that she loved this work and loved helping people around her improve their lives. In 2015, Regina decided to go back to school. She completed her Associate's Degree and is now on track to get her Bachelor's Degrees in Psychology and Sociology.

"I have a passion for helping others and have decided to make it my career. I will be the first in my family to have earned a college education. My family is very proud of me as I am of myself. Going back to school was the best decision I've ever made and it's very empowering." 

Regina is well on her way to reaching her dreams and making her community a better place!