Meet Our Scholar: Naomi

Naomi, NC - Business Administration and Fine Arts

Naomi is a renewal Scholar enrolled at the College of the Albemarle pursuing a degree in Business Administration and Fine Arts. After graduation, she plans to work towards her Bachelor's and Master's degrees. Although art is Naomi's passion she knows that any successful artist needs a firm background in business in order to better market themselves and their art. She plans on opening an art distribution company so that artists can better focus on their art and less on selling it. She hopes that starting this company will ease the financial burden her family has been struggling with. Along with her struggles with finances, multiple members of her family have recently been diagnosed with a multitude of conditions and disabilities. Having a more stable income and job will allow for better management of everyone's medical bills and appointments.

“Over the past years, I have focused much of my time towards an education that will direct me to a solid career and financial stability, which will be free of government assistance programs. This pursuit has made me very proud. While being an example is a crucial part of being a parent, my education has fed into an opportunity to help my children discover themselves as individuals.”