Meet Our Scholar: Misti

Misti, WA - Liberal Arts (Business)

Misti is a renewal Scholar enrolled at Whatcom Community College pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts (Business). In her late twenties, she found herself being addicted to drugs which stemmed from the abuse she suffered by her first step father. It caused her to feel worthless and inadequate. One day, she decided to turn her life around once and for all. She began working in Veterinary medicine in 2001 and worked her way up to being a technician. She decided to return back to school so she can have better access to job opportunities. Her goal after graduation is to work for as long as she can and when the time comes, stay are home and take care of her mother. Misti is on track to graduate within the next year or so!

“Suffice it to say that going back to school after many years, with a learning deficit after I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease has not been easy. I am finding that I am having to repeat classes because accelerated learning is just not “sticking” the first time around. This extra money will help provide in so many ways, I am truly grateful. Thank you, this is a wonderful opportunity, you are helping women to fulfill their dreams of a better life through education.”