Meet Cat!

I’m Cat and I love people! I’m my best person when I’m helping others. I grew up in a low-income household as the youngest of nine children. I was pulled out of school at the age of twelve and didn’t return to school until I was in my 30’s. I’m a single mother of three children and am passionate about education. I think that everyone should have an equitable chance in succeeding in earning an education.

Along my path in earning a degree in Psychology from the University of Oregon, I began working with the Nontraditional Student Program and also served as the Director for the Nontraditional Student Union. I also worked as a Trio Student Support Services Peer Mentor and served as a Moderator/Peer Mentor for the First Year Program Transfer Student Canvas site to help support incoming Nontraditional Students. I believe that barriers toeducation can be solved through evaluating programs and policies on campuses and that student advocacy is a superpower that every person possesses. Aside from spending time with my children and studying; I love to sing, read, eat fresh fruit, and when offered the chance, do clothing exchanges with my five older sisters.