Meet Our Scholar: Lynnae

Lynnae, MN - Health Science

Lynnae is a renewal Scholar enrolled at North Hennepin Community College pursuing an Associates in Health Science. Her plans after graduation are to work at a medical center in Minneapolis as a registered nurse and provide high quality healthcare to patients. Since high school, Lynnae had dreams of becoming a nurse but life circumstances forced her to have to put that dream on hold. At 19, she became entirely responsible for her 7 younger siblings as well as her own child and her niece. For many years, her life was dedicated to providing for her family and led her to be drawn to work that involved caring for others. In the fall of 2013, she decided it was time for her to pursue her ultimate goal of becoming a nurse and although it is taking her longer than she anticipated, Lynnae is not giving up and slowly making steady progress towards her degree!

“The 2018 Jeannette Rankin Scholarship has lessened the financial burden of continuing my education. I am so grateful for the commitment of my family as I go through this journey. I also work 10 hour days Friday-Sunday to compensate for my lost wages while attending school. The scholarship has been an amazing financial blessing for me to continue within the sonography program.”