Meet Our Scholar: Loreta

Loreta, PA - Labor and Employment Relations

Loreta is a renewal Scholar enrolled at the Pennsylvania State University pursuing a Bachelors in Labor and Employment Relations. She hopes to work in Human Resources, non-profits, and unions. Upon finishing high school, Loreta immigrated to the United States in 1998. Post-secondary education was not her priority when she arrived in the United States. Her biggest concern was surviving and making ends meet. Loreta worked 2-3 jobs to sustain herself, along with battling language and cultural barriers. Once she was finally more acclimated and prepared to start working towards her career and life goals, she had her daughter. With her daughter now in elementary school, Loreta has decided to work towards the goals she had previously and get an education.

“My education is the ultimate tool to benefit my family and the community. I am a single mother of a young daughter. My example in pursuing higher education is an inspiration to her to achieve her goals and become a strong, independent woman that does not only serve her personal goals, but becomes a civilized community member that contributed in many levels.”