Meet the Scholar: Len

Len, MO - A.A.S. in Agriculture

"The opportunity this scholarship presents will help my family as it will greatly decrease, if not erase, the need for student loans, and allow me to continue pursuing my education without the worry or stress of having to work full time while in school. I want my kids to know it's important to get an education, and with hard work and dedication, they too can do it!"

JRF Scholar Len just graduated with her associate's in agriculture and plans on working towards her bachelor’s degree starting in the fall.

She is passionate about education and accessibility and using her degree to open an urban farm where people will be able to come pick their own produce and be able to learn about growing fruits and vegetables! She says "I want to inspire more people to learn more about agriculture and the importance of growing sustainable food. I believe that I can help the community in this way with the skills that I have learned from school."