Meet Our Scholar: Ericka

Ericka, WA - Psychology

Ericka is a renewal Scholar enrolled at Northwest University pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. After graduation, she intends to become a licensed marriage and family counselor. When she was 18, Ericka had to drop out of college because of challenges at home. She has decided to return back to school so she can have better opportunities and chances in becoming a counselor! She also would love to obtain her Master’s degree in Psychology in the future which will be beneficial as she works towards earning her license in therapy. Ericka dreams of operating her own counseling facility and employing others in the community. She would like to create jobs for others who share the same passion as her and is working towards that dream becoming a reality in the near future.

“Education, in any capacity, provides one with an arsenal of tools that can be used in life. We all hope for a stress-free life filled with happiness however for many of us, this isn’t the reality. In one form or another, we all may have to handle frustration, pain, loss, grief, and other worries that may arise. Learning how to handle these things effectively, and to teach others, is my goal. My education will be a benefit to myself and my family as I continue to understand the intricacies of mental science. This comprehension will grant me the level of sensitivity needed to handle and assist my family in handling whatever life may set before us.”