Endowed Scholarships

For millions of women, education is the only resource against poverty. This especially true for those who haven't had the financial capability to pursue a college education, or the encouragement to take a new direction on the road that leads to financial self-sufficiency.

We are indebted to Jeannette Rankin who bequeathed part of her estate to provide the seed money to create the nonprofit scholarship program that now honors her memory. Our Endowment Fund was created to ensure that her legacy lives on, and the financial resources for college scholarships continue to be available for mature women in need - not only for today, but in the decades to come.

Thank you for your loyal support and for considering a Planned Gift to the Jeannette Rankin Women's Scholarship Endowment. Your Planned Gift today will provide the scholarships of the future and carry your own lasting legacy forward. We encourage you to consult with your professional advisers on how this gift will fit into your overall financial plans.

It’s easy to follow Rankin’s example and make a difference for women across the country with a legacy gift. Read more about different types of gifts below and call Karen Sterk at 706-540-9154 for more information.

Alexandra Kilpatrick

Alexandra Kilpatrick (facilitated by Donna Zenor) Alexandra Kilpatrick, better known as Alix, lived a life in which she focused on pursuing her dreams, from working at a theater in Paris, France, to opening a yoga studio in New Zealand, to flying for American Airlines. She was passionate about having a full life, and as she…

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Barbara Lawrence

Barbara Lawrence (given by Arthur Lawrence) Barbara and Art at a formal event together in 1950 Barbara Lawrence was passionate about empowering women. She earned her degree as a Registered Nurse from New England Deaconess Hospital School of Nursing in Boston in 1951. She married Arthur F. Lawrence, a student at Northeastern University. Later, when…

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Greta Kleiner

Greta Kleiner (given by Heather and Scott Kleiner) Greta Kleiner was the daughter of Scott Alter and Heather Smith Kleiner, JRF Founding Mother. She was born in Chicago in 1961 and moved with her parents to Lynchburg, VA, where her sister Catherine was born in 1966 before they moved to Athens, Georgia. Greta was a…

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Hardeep Sodhi

Dr. Hardeep Sodhi (given by Mimi Sodhi) Dr. Hardeep Sodhi left India in the late 50’s and came to the United States to join her husband and do her Medical Doctor Residency. While in the states, she gave birth to their daughter Mimi. At that time in America, she and her family experienced a lack…

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George and Mary Bailey

George and Mary Bailey (given by Sue Bailey) George and Mary Bailey were the parents of Susan R. Bailey, one of the founders of the Jeannette Rankin Foundation. Both George and Mary attended college during the depression, giving them a deep appreciation for higher education. Lack of funds forced Mary to withdraw from a private…

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