Meet Our Scholar: Elizabeth

Elizabeth, TX - Applied Arts and Sciences

Elizabeth is a renewal Scholar enrolled at Texas State University pursuing a Bachelors in Applied Arts and Sciences. Upon graduation, she hopes to remain serving the non-profit that she has been involved and employed at and to continue her role in helping the youth. Elizabeth started her college education over 20 years ago, but after receiving her Associate’s Degree she found herself in an intense struggle with alcoholism and PTSD caused by childhood abuse and adult sexual assault. Through her journey to sobriety and mental wellness, Elizabeth maintained a passion for helping others. She is striving in her studies with a 3.8 G.P.A. and is set to graduate in the near future!

“It's not just the funding - I really feel like JRF is behind me all the way, cheering me along! This scholarship has made it possible for me to get that bachelor's degree (finally!). And with that degree I can continue to help the youth I wish to serve. I started my college education in 1987, but had so many stops and starts. I dismayed of ever getting a bachelor's. This is going to be one of my greatest accomplishments, and I couldn't have done it without y'all!”