I first got connected with JRF when I was working at UGA around 2006. I wanted to volunteer somewhere in the community and found JRF through searching a list of local organizations. I was intrigued by the volunteer opportunity and helped as a Level 1 scholarship application reader that year.

That was all it took for me to want to become more involved with JRF. I volunteered to be an application reader at whatever level they needed and I began attending fundraisers. The stories of the scholarship applicants were so diverse and inspirational. Reading those applications was actually a large part of what motivated me to go to back to school 10 years after I graduated with my undergraduate degree from UGA to pursue my Master’s degree in Nonprofit Management.

I saw the huge value in what JRF was doing for its scholars and I knew I wanted to give back. When my husband and I were financially able to give enough for an annual scholarship, we started giving every year to JRF. We moved to Nashville almost three years ago, but I enjoy staying connected to JRF. I look forward to being engaged however I am able. I am humbled to be a small part of helping the JRF scholars not only achieve their dreams but also realize their potential and value.

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