Meet Our Scholar: Breezy

Breezy, MI - Interdisciplinary Health Studies

Breezy is a renewal Scholar enrolled at Western Michigan University pursuing a Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Health Services. Breezy’s end goal is to become a pediatric occupational therapist. Breezy wants to work with children with special needs as an Occupational Therapist. Years ago, she had the opportunity to work for a family who had an infant on the autism spectrum. She took him to occupational therapy appointments and her interest was piqued from then on. After making a hard decision to leave an unhealthy relationship and situation, Breezy had to completely start over. 10 years later, she is making her dreams a reality and supporting her children. She is doing an outstanding job in school holding a 3.89 G.P.A.!

“This scholarship has been such an incredible help to me on my path to getting my degree. There were many times in the past I doubted my ability to finish college solely because of finances. Having the financial help from the Jeannette Rankin Foundation has allowed me to focus more on school and realize that I have the commitment and ability to learn even very challenging subjects. Going to college has been such a boost to my confidence. I never thought of myself as an academic person before, and now I'm confident that someday I'll be leading and performing important research. ”