Meet the Scholar: Angie

Angie, AZ - Nursing
Angie is a JRF Scholar enrolled at GateWay Community College and is working towards her Bachelors in Nursing. Angie married young and became a stay at home mom to help her husband and her children. As time went on Angie and her children found themselves in an abusive situation and are still fighting for freedom from it. Angie hopes her education will help her and her children find stability and safety. Her inspiration and determination for her education are her kids and her mother, who was also a nurse. Angie hopes to work in the oncology unit and to eventually become a nurse practitioner.
Angie says, "I am extremely proud of making it as far as I have in college towards the attainment of my degree. My dad told me not to try, and that a single mother had no business going to schooland working as it takes away from my kids. My success is giving me the confidence I need to meet the demands of my school and work commitments, and ultimately setting me up for a rewarding career."