Alexandra Dale Munro Kilpatrick, better known as Alix, was an exceptionally intelligent woman whose life path drew her away from traditional educational opportunities. As the prospect of her life ending drew near, she contacted her cousin and childhood best friend, Donna Zenor, and asked her to research organizations that “enhance the lives of women through education.” She was interested in leaving a substantial portion of her estate to such an organization. Donna identified the Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund. Unfortunately, Alix died suddenly and was unable to leave the funds directly to JRF. Donna initially contacted JRF’s Executive Director, Sue Lawrence on October 17, 2013. From there it was a long and winding road that Donna pursued with persistence and dedication in order to honor the dying wishes of her dear cousin and friend Alix.

Alix lived a non-traditional life. A single child whose mother was the youngest of nine children of immigrant Norwegian parents, Alix was born in Phoenix, Arizona. However, she lived life on the world stage. She worked in a theater in Paris, France, and for a number of years she flew for American Airlines. She later settled in rural New Hampshire with her husband, Bob Kilpatrick. Alix became a master at various yoga disciplines, eventually opening a school after moving to New Zealand in her mid-fifties.

In the words of Donna; Alix was one of the most generous spirits to have ever inhabited this earth and the scholarship fund which the donor is establishing upon her death should be counted as one of the many gifts which are her legacy.

We received this transformative gift this year. We are grateful that Alix cared so deeply about the women we serve. We are grateful that Donna found us. And, we are grateful that Donna persisted through navigating the challenges of getting the funding to JRF.

This gift will transform the lives of JRF Scholars and their families for years and years to come.

Thank you Alix and Donna.

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