Meet Our Scholar: Aleah

Aleah, AL - Social Work

Aleah is a renewal Scholar enrolled at Troy University pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work.  Her ultimate goal is to receive her Master's in order to become a clinical social worker for veterans. Aleah's volunteer work with veterans and life as a military spouse led her to choose this career. Her passion is to help people and she is excited for her career of helping people to help her family. Aleah's husband is a huge supporter in her goal towards education and she has proven her dedication towards excelling in school with a 3.74 G.P.A.!

“With the Jeannette Rankin Scholarship, I am able to focus on doing my best at school because I am not worried about loan payments or facing a huge amount of debt when I graduate. This scholarship has not only giving my financial freedom to attend school, but also peace of mind. This has allowed me to work really hard in all of my classes and I have maintained all A's in this last year of school. It also feels really good to have an organization that supports me and wants me to succeed. This has been very motivating to me. I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have been given. I cannot wait to have a career in human services!”