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It’s Time to Talk: Forums on Race

How many times have we heard in the past several years about the need to have a productive conversation about racism and the effects on our communities? It’s a national challenge that is entwined with poverty, class, and privilege. Truly, if we cannot talk about it, how can we fix it?

In the spirit and tradition of Jeannette Rankin’s (the woman) social justice advocacy, the Jeannette Rankin Foundation is sponsoring a unique program, It’s Time to Talk: Forums on Race. We are dedicated to giving back to the community that supports us. The program is scheduled to take place on March 31, 2022, in Athens, GA. Our Fifth Annual It’s Time to Talk forum offers each and every person who attends the opportunity to participate in a thoughtful dialogue on racism, facilitated by trained Volunteer Racial Justice Facilitators. The strength of our future depends on our ability to develop new skills around inclusion and equity, understand the realities of racism today and to commit ourselves to action.

It’s Time to Talk: Forums on Race has been successfully presented in multiple cities across the country. Businesses, nonprofit organizations, law enforcement, community groups and schools have found participating in It’s Time to Talk to be thought-provoking and motivating. You will leave inspired to personally take action to improve race relations at work, in the community, and with family and friends. Each group that attends It’s Time to Talk will have the opportunity to engage in an additional follow-up dialogue, facilitated by one of our Racial Justice Facilitators. The program is potentially transformative and team-building. 

“We brought 15 of our team members to It’s Time to Talk last year. They were so inspired by the conversation that we scheduled our follow-up dialogue shortly thereafter. The group that attended become our Diversity and Inclusion Team and have since started the process of creating a more welcoming and inclusive Athens Regional Library for all.”

– Valerie Bell, Executive Director, Athens-Clarke County Regional Library and Co-Chair It’s Time to Talk: Forums on Race.


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