Supporter Stories

Sue Plaksin


"My mother began teaching my sisters and me to give back to the community in grade school. Sharing our time and talent was like going to work or school, it was part of our routine.

I was always excited to tell Mom what happened each day with the kids at camp or what craft I did with Mrs. Smith at the nursing home. I remember one time I came home from visiting residents in a nursing home, jumping out of my skin with excitement, to tell my mom that I had met Anastasia, the lost Princess of Russia! My mom just chuckled.

When my daughter Nina was born, I stopped full-time work to stay at home. It was wonderful, but I soon found that I missed my connection to others. A friend suggested volunteering at JRF and it was the perfect fit.

My daughter has grown up with JRF, and I smile when staff say that Nina is JRF’s youngest volunteer. My mother is involved, too. She creates and donates a hand-made quilt for JRF to raffle in support of its program. My daughter has grown up with JRF, and I smile when Sue Lawrence says that Nina is JRF’s youngest volunteer. The words, "Jeannette Rankin Foundation" were some of her first vocabulary words. My time here has been some of the most rewarding work that I have done, because the mission of helping women succeed is close to my heart."

Nina now has a younger sister, Frannie, who is learning all about JRF and helping others from this incredible family.