Supporter Stories

Rozy Park


Not only did Rozy decide to run The Flying Pig, her first half-marathon and a feat in itself, she also set a goal to raise money for JRF at the same time.

With support from friends and family from all over the country, she exceeded her target of $1,000 by more than $500! Even more exciting is that most of the gifts were matched, meaning an entire scholarship was raised.

Rozy said, “As I came down the hill, I had time to think. When it was hard and I wanted to stop and walk, I thought about Jeannette Rankin Scholars, and all the challenges they face in trying to complete their educations – family, work, and much more difficult emotional, psychological, physical, and time barriers they have to balance – and I said to myself, ‘Now that is a marathon!’ So, I was pleased to think it was partly for those brave women that I was running this race.”

Her first Flying Pig was in 2010, but Rozy has continued the tradition of running and getting friends and family to donate scholarships to JRF.