Scholar Stories

Marcie, GA

Business Administration

Marcie is officially a JRF Alum as she recently graduated from Georgia Tech with a perfect 4.0 GPA. Getting her college degree has always been a goal of Marcie’s, but the prohibitive cost stopped her from making her dreams a reality until this spring. Marcie went back to school after being encouraged by her children who were also enrolled in college classes. Her dedication to her studies earned her a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration from Georgia Tech. Marcie is the first in her family to get her degree, and is excited to “raise [her] family’s standard of living where [she] will be able to help provide for [her] children while they are trying to obtain their education.” Marcie will be pursuing a job in management in either supply chain and logistics or HR. In addition to working and supporting her family, she wants to empower other students to “set goals to obtain higher education through tutoring and volunteering at our small Christian school.” Marcie is an incredible success story and a wonderful example of what is possible in furthering her education.