Scholar Stories


Early Childhood Education

After deciding to leave her abusive husband with her six-month-old son, Frances struggled to provide for them. But now she was finally free to make decisions for herself again and she chose to pursue her education. 

Frances plans to open a nonprofit, art-centric, early learning center where children from all backgrounds will have the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential in an art based environment. She has seen the missing link in children as they are put straight into academic learning and miss out on fully developing their creative side through art and play. With her own son, she struggled to find a preschool that was not cost prohibitive and provided quality care. She hopes to build the solution to that problem with her early learning center so children of all socioeconomic backgrounds have a chance to develop fully.

“The world will only get better when we raise better children.”

Thanks to the Jeannette Rankin Scholarship, Frances will complete her Associate's degree in Early Childhood Education this spring and will pursue her Bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Education.

“I have spent my adult life in the service of others. I firmly believe that it is my path in life to help and provide service to those in need. From working with the chronically homeless, to serving food in restaurants, my hope is that I am able to help people in whatever capacity I am able."