Racial Justice Facilitator

Reflective Structure Dialogue Training

Reflective Structured Dialogue (RSD) builds the capacity of communities and organizations to engage, live and thrive with their differences. By enabling people to have new conversations about the issues that matter deeply to them and remain in relationship, the approach creates a foundation for trust, resiliency and collaborative action.
The J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development is offering a special eight-hour Reflective Structured Dialogue training course specifically for individuals desiring to facilitate at It’s Time to Talk: Forums on Race.  You will learn how to facilitate the difficult conversations around race and racism. 

What you will learn:

• Reflect on why communities must develop the capacity to have difficult conversations on polarizing issues
• Learn the basic theory and practice of reflective, structured dialogue (RSD)
• Experience RSD process
• Learn how RSD leads to the creation of an environment where participants can have difficult conversations
• Enhance understanding of conflict, polarization and change
• Learn how to use RSD to facilitate for It’s Time to Talk: Forums on Race.

“Behind every belief is a story. Behind every story a person.”